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Abstract Painting Series is the framework of a bigger picture. The paintings are gestural abstractions of another reality. The series is colorful with symbolic meaning, but emphasizes something more. The idea doesn’t just draw from my experiences or what the world means to me, but what the world can become in a sense. My work bridges a dreamlike utopia state to conscience reality for everyone to see. I draw upon my experiences, various images, photographs, common everyday objects, and place a meaning or value to it.

My painting style is not just only a process, but is a combination of my mental and physical abilities. My vigorous, gestural style is a big part of my artwork, without it my work doesn’t have life. I feel that an artist has to leave their mark in his or her work, this is what gives it character and identity. My process involves a mapped out plan to cover the canvas as quickly as I can with a selected palette of colors. I use aggressive brush strokes with thick acrylic paint to excite the paint, where the paint becomes alive. The materials I use are common objects that have a connection with an experience. In this series theses objects are shredded paper, spray paint, fluid and heavy body acrylic paint, and recycled paper objects. After the canvas is covered, the next thing is to start my editing process of the image. In this editing process, I don’t substract from the image, but add more to the canvas, creating depth. I can feel myself escape into the image after the editing process is complete.

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